Where Will The Pet Actually Reside (2/4)

Believe it or not, the great outdoors isn’t so great for lots of pets. Since lots of cats live indoors, let’s focus on outside dogs for the time being. Although dogs aren’t terribly impressed by a well-manicured lawn and expensive shrubbery, a barren landscape of a yard isn’t what most dogs want to call home.

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Outdoor space must be adequately prepared to accommodate a dog safely and securely. And look beyond the scope of your own yard. What about your neighbors? Will they be dog-friendly, or will they complain every time the dog barks at a bird? While you don’t need to clear the back forty for the new dog, when it comes to yards, size does matter to your pet, to you, and to your neighbor.

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Pic of the Day: I came home from vacation yesterday, and my dog hasn’t left me alone since.

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