What Should You Look For In A Pet? (2/2)

Look at the ears-and smell them too; odors from the ears often indicate infection. Look at the gums-are they pink or pale? Does the puppy or kitten have an underbite or an overbite? Look at the tummy-are there any bulges? Protrusions from the abdominal wall may mean that the youngster has a hernia.

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Does the pup or kitten play or seem sullen? Does he have a good appetite? What specific kind of food is he eating? Has he had any diarrhea or vomiting? Once you have ascertained the health of your new family member to the best of your ability, proceed to your veterinarian for a more thorough examination.

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Pic of the Day: A week ago my dog Oliver had a stomach bug and could not eat his average food. Everyday the mailman would throw him a treat and we told him to hold off for a bit until he was feeling better. This was in our mailbox today.

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