What Pet Should You Consider (1/3)

When you’ve decided that your thoughts of pet ownership are not fleeting and you’ve ascertained that your family can afford a pet, the next step is to actually choose one. But how do you decide which kind of pet to get? Start by taking a good look at the current members of your family (human and otherwise) before you look at adding a dog or cat. How old are the children? If they are old enough to have a reasonable opinion rather than an exaggerated wish (“I really, really do want a pet elephant!”), let them have a say.

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To motivate serious thought on which pet to get, conduct a family survey. Family surveys keep you focused and allow everyone to express an opinion. Ask your family members what kind of dog or cat they might like in general. For older children, opinions may be based on pets they’ve encountered at the homes of friends.

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Pic of the Day: If you’ve ever had a dog, you can probably relate.

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