Water Everywhere

In addition to food, dogs and cats require a constant supply of clean, fresh water. Although they need to be supervised, children can help wash, rinse, and fill water bowls. There is no restriction on the amount of water your child can give your pet, and keeping the water bowl filled can actually be a fun job for your child. Designate a fill line on the bowl to help minimize spillage from overfilling by enthusiastic water boys and water girls. Mark the fill line on the bowl in permanent marker and instruct your young pet helper to pour water only up to that spot. This will not only decrease overflows but will allow your child a little independence.

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You’ll be surprised how children enjoy this responsibility. Some youngsters really take this job seriously and make countless trips per day to the water dispenser or sink. Even with an enthusiastic helper, remember to check on the water bowl daily just in case your child forgets to do his job.

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