Tuition Costs

Another one-time (hopefully) expense to consider is obedience training. You want this pet to be in your family for a long time, and ill-mannered dogs and cats usually find themselves looking for another home in short order. Depending on the length and type of obedience sessions, expect to spend one hundred to four hundred dollars on training.

Investigate local obedience classes before you begin pet shopping. Many obedience trainers offer refresher courses at no extra cost, so shop carefully. It’s a good idea to visit several obedience schools and watch the teacher in action before making a choice. Note how the trainer interacts with the dogs and how the owners and pets respond to the teaching method.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for references and check them out. A reputable trainer will welcome this scrutiny. Beware of trainers that rely heavily on aversive correction methods rather than on positive reinforcement for good behavior. Obedience school should be a productive, fun experience for both the pet and the pet owner as well as providing socialization opportunities for your dog.

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