The More the Merrier?

If one pet in a household is good, are two even better? Many people consider adopting or purchasing pets in pairs. This works for many families, but beware of the potential difficulties in store. People that acquire more than one pet at a time do so for a variety of reasons. They may think that the pets will provide company for each other. Families that spend a majority of the day away from the house often feel this way.

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In addition, some parents with more than one human child look for a “pet per child.” They think that each child needs an individual pet. Still others simply enjoy observing the camaraderie and interaction between the pets. Certainly there can be benefits to owning more than one pet. And many families can maintain more than one pet. Just be aware that multiple pets mean more time and more expense. Also, be alert to the establishment of a pet hierarchy in your household. There can be only one alpha pet. It’s difficult to have a happy home if the pets squabble constantly.

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