Should Your Pet Live Outdoors?

If you are planning for a pet to live primarily out of doors, consider how much time can be spent with that animal. Is the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” likely to become a reality? For dogs, spending most of the time outdoors or in a crate has been linked with a greater likelihood of the animal’s being relinquished. Dogs are pack animals that require time with “their people” if they are to be happy and enjoyable companions. One survey found that Americans spend nearly 95 percent of their time indoors. If the dog is outside the majority of the time and you are inside, consider what this means for animal-human interaction. Even if children enjoy being outdoors, they may not be home during the times when outdoor activity usually occurs.

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Keep in mind that the lifestyles of many American families involve being away from home for ten or more hours a day during the week, often returning after dark during the shorter days of winter. If this sounds like your family, how will a dog fit into your schedule?

Pic of the Day: Put my cat on a timed feeder to try to help him lose some weight. He sleeps like this now.

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