Please Fence Me In (1/3)

Fencing the backyard is yet another factor to think about prior to your dog search. Although dogs may love to run in wide open spaces, fences provide security for them. And to fence or not to fence may not even be an option. Fencing is a requirement in many locales that have ordinances prohibiting free-roaming dogs. Fences provide security by keeping your dog in and, depending on the fence, keeping other dogs out. Dogs that can’t reach each other can’t fight. And fences keep your dog off the street.

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Domestic dogs that aren’t streetwise quickly become victims of the dreaded HBC (veterinary terminology for “hit by car”).
In addition to security, a fenced-in yard provides the pet with an anytime exercise area and an array of interesting diversions to stave off boredom.

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Pic of the Day: Guide dog puppy in training wearing his specially made puppy harness to prepare him for his big boy harness.

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