Pet Readiness Checklist (3/3)

– Is there a possibility you will be moving? Can your pet be accommodated in your new home? If you are considering an international move (or one to the state of Hawaii), have you checked on animal quarantine requirements and the costs and regulations associated with transporting animals to the new location?
– Check with your local veterinary clinic about the cost of routine vaccinations, parasite control, and neutering.
– Visit your local pet supply, grocery store, or veterinary clinic to check prices for food and cat litter. Will these costs fit into the family budget?

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– Take time to educate yourself and your child. Information is as close as your local library, the Internet, or a veterinary clinic.
– Are other changes on the horizon? Will you be caring for an elderly or ill family member or having another baby? If so, how will these events influence your ability to keep and care for a pet?

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