Pet Food Quality

Puppies, kittens, and adult pets alike should be fed a food that is highly digestible. A premium food will mean more is digested and utilized while less is eliminated. Sounds good, right? It bears repeating-it’s important that you feed only the advised diet. That means no sneaking tidbits from your plate. Feeding table food may cause intestinal upsets in your pet. You’ll regret giving that puppy part of your hamburger when you have to clean up after him the next morning. Make sure the entire family follows your veterinarian’s nutritional advice.

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There should be no cheating allowed. Teach your children that pet food is for pets and people food is for people. This is one time that sharing is not a nice thing to do.

Pic of the Day: This is the last surviving rescue dog from 9/11, sitting at Ground Zero. She was 2 years old during 9/11 and is 15 years old pictured.

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