Pet Care Basics: Food And Water (1/3)

All pets need the basic essentials of life-food and water. This sounds so simple, but is it? Will we always be there on time to provide these essentials? Will we remember to check the water bowl every day? Will we give them the right food?

So Many Choices: What Food to Choose?
Walking down the pet food aisle can be an entertaining and mind-boggling experience. Who would ever imagine that there could be so many cat and dog foods on the market? Is there any wonder that pet food is a multibillion-dollar industry? To narrow your choices, visit your pet’s nutritionist-your veterinarian.

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Your veterinarian will know the most appropriate diet for your dog or cat and can answer any questions you or your child may have. Your veterinarian will explain that dogs and cats need age-appropriate diets to ensure proper growth and bone development.

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Pic of the Day: My sister and her fiance decided to take their dog to their engagement pictures.

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