Owning Big Dogs

Don’t fall for the “precious puppy persuasion.” If you have a thirty-five-pound toddler, understand that the cute little fifteen-pound golden retriever puppy he fell in love with will quickly outgrow him. Will your child be overwhelmed by the seventy-five-pound dog that gallops across the yard like a small pony? Size differential is an important factor when there are very young children in the house. Even the gentlest of large dogs can be intimidating to a small child. And scared children rarely enjoy their dogs.

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Families have to work with the beginning and ending size of the pets they choose. Children are often the smallest breathing creature in the house. Do you think they may like being the “bigger” one for a change? How about considering a smaller canine variety?

Pic of the Day: If you’ve ever had a dog, you can probably relate.

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