Litterbox Duty (1/4)

kittens don’t pose a big housebreaking dilemma and are usually easy to litter train. They generally grasp the notion fairly quickly if they are taken to a clean litter pan after they are fed. Find a place for kitty’s toilet that is out of the way but easy to access, change the litter frequently, and you should have no trouble housebreaking your kitten. It’s best to locate the litter box in a quite area of the house that provides privacy for the cat. Some cats simply will not use the litter box if it is in a high traffic area.

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Besides, most cat owners prefer to locate litter boxes in restricted areas. Who wants to see or smell a litter box? Of course, you shouldn’t put the litter box so far off the beaten path that it’s inconvenient for the cat and you forget to clean it.

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Pic of the Day: A dog is the only one that loves you more than himself.

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