Home Bound

Enough about walking and visiting parks. What about a little downtime at home? Pets stay at home for several reasons. First, they can’t drive themselves around in a car, so they depend on you to take them out. Second, pets are safer at home than they are traipsing around town on foot exposed to other animals or walking in the path of a vehicle. Third, many communities have laws governing pet confinement. In many communities, dogs and cats are required to stay indoors unless they are in a fenced in yard or are on a leash being walked by their owners. There are fines attached to infractions of municipal ordinances regulating pet confinement.

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And many pets end up at the pound when they are found wandering around without their owners in tow. keeping a pet securely at home means either keeping him indoors or safely confining him outdoors; therefore, fencing the yard may be a big part of your pet-owning responsibility. There are two options for fencing the yard traditional fencing or underground electronic fencing. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

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