Getting the Veterinarian’s Input (3/3)

8. Undescended testicles in males
9. Lymph node enlargement that may indicate infection
10. Abdominal abnormalities
11. Heart murmurs
12. Inappropriate lung sounds

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13. Orthopedic irregularities, open fontanels (soft spot on skull), or conformation problems
14. Neurologic abnormalities
15. Intestinal parasites Once your pup or kitten gets a clean bill of health, your veterinarian will give you an owner-orientation talk. He will discuss many topics including nutrition, behavior, and general health care. The first topic may be the staff of life-food. Not all foods are created equal. When it comes to pet food, you often do get just what you pay for. Your veterinarian will suggest a good food for your particular pet. Follow her advice on what brand to feed and heed the feeding schedule.

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