Feeding Schedules (2/2)

Feed the pup first thing in the morning, picking up the bowl after ten to fifteen minutes. Right before leaving for the day, put a second portion of food down for the pup’s midday meal. The last meal should be offered at dinner time. Frequent feedings maintain adequate blood glucose levels in small pups, so timing is crucial. It’s not good to be late for dinner. Feeding is much easier for felines. Cats, unlike dogs, do well with ad-lib feeding. They will nibble their food during the day or night, usually without overeating.

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Like their canine friends, cats need a high-quality, digestible diet. Good food will reduce the amount of feces produced, making litter box clean up easier. Also, litter box odor is reduced when the cat is fed a high-quality diet.

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Pic of the Day: There are good boys and then, there are great boys.

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