Energy Assessment Of The Dog’s

Positive energy is a good thing, but some dogs positively have too much energy. It’s a good idea to find a dog with an energy level that matches your own. If a rambunctious border collie chasing bicycle wheels is not what you’re after, stay away from herding dogs. If you prefer not to have the doorbell’s ring compounded by a series of sharp yelps, perhaps you should look past the toy fox terrier. If you cannot deal with a goofy Labrador until he “matures,” find another dog.

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There are calm dogs-you simply have to look for them. Some dogs may be calmer by nature, but most dogs can be trained to curb bursts of energy. So don’t mistake lack of discipline for hyperactivity. Most dogs can be trained to behave if you are willing to take the time to do so and provide sufficient exercise.

Pic of the Day: Use a carabiner to leash your dog.

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