Dog Park Etiquette and Safety (1/4)

For urban dwellers without big backyards or open neighborhoods, it’s a good idea to look into parks that are dog friendly. You can enjoy the outdoors and exercise with your dog and the children at the same time. Many cities have designated dog parks that provide excellent places for dogs to exercise, but these aren’t always ideal spots for families with children. Be aware that in dog parks, canines are often allowed off-leash. Imagine the chaos of twenty dogs running freely in an acre of grassy area. Parents need to be careful when bringing children along to dog parks.

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Not all these dogs running free are accustomed to children. Have your child close to you at all times. Here’s a good opportunity to teach the “ask before you pet a strange dog” rule. To minimize the chaos and to increase safety, your dog should be voice controlled before you venture to a dog park.

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