Brushing and Bathing (1/5)

Start the pet’s spa day by brushing loose hair from the dog or cat. Begin by brushing the fur in the direction of hair growth, then brush back against the grain. Try to work out stubborn knots with your fingers or carefully cut them out with grooming scissors. Yanking at knots can irritate the pet’s skin and is painful. Frequent brushing between spa days will decrease the formation of matted fur. Mats can be uncomfortable for the pet and often lead to skin infections called “hot spots,” so detangling your cat or dog is important. Also, it’s far better to brush the fur off the pet at one time in one area than to clean up hair shed all over the house all the time.

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After brushing the coat, it’s time to bathe your dog or cat. Bathing can be a fun time or a miserable time. It’s what you make of it. Approach the pet cautiously, but confidently.

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