Between-Meal Snacks (1/2)

During the nutrition class in your veterinarian’s office or in your home, explain to your child that pet treats are a little like cookies-they taste good but aren’t as healthy as a regular meal. Children need to understand that too many treats may ruin the pet’s appetite and his ability or desire to consume enough of his regular food to fulfill his nutritional requirements. And the extra calories in snacks mean extra pounds on the pet. Help your child choose good snacks for your pet. Read the labels, paying attention to calorie content. Avoid snacks with dyes in them. These may look more appealing to you, but the color of the snack doesn’t mean a thing to your pet, except possibly more intestinal problems.

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All snacks should be approved by your pet’s doctor. The best snack is the pet’s regular kibble. Simply place a measured amount of the pet’s normal dry food in a small ziplock bag and allow the child to “treat” the pet at will.

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