Before Selecting Your Pet (2/3)

– Involve the whole family in talking about just what it will mean to have the pet in the household. How will your lives change and how will you deal with the changes?
– When choosing a particular pet, find out all you can about the animal’s history, especially its prior exposure to and behavior with people in general and children in particular. Selecting the Right Pet Checklist

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– Determine about how much of your budget can be devoted to a pet, both for the initial purchase or adoption fee and for routine maintenance and veterinary care.
– Survey the members of your family about their pet preferences.
– Spend time, along with your children, learning about the characteristics and needs of the animals you are considering. Discuss how your family life will be different with a particular animal.

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Pic of the Day: I captured this glorious photo of my dog after I asked her, “Wanna go for a walk?!” Her excitement is palpable.

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