Before Selecting Your Pet (1/3)

Before selecting your pet, consider:
Cost (both initial and ongoing)
Breed characteristics
Grooming and other maintenance needs
Compatibility with your family’s likes, dislikes, circumstances, and lifestyle
– Children should be involved in pet selection. Engage them in the search for information and review together the characteristics and needs of particular pets in which they are interested. This process is fun and may forestall impulsive selections based on children’s enchantment with the animal in their latest favorite movie or cartoon or the one their friend just got.

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– The final responsibility for pet selection rests with you, the parent. Talk with your veterinarian; visit the library; and check Internet resources, especially sites devoted to the particular breeds in which you are interested.

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Pic of the Day: French police posted this image on twitter today after police dog Diesel (7) was killed by a suicide bomber this morning.

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