A Room with a View And a Few Amenities (1/5)

Dogs that live outside need more than just a fence. They also need protective shelter. Exposure to inclement weather, whether extreme cold, heat, or precipitation, is a safety hazard, so unless you have a big covered porch or an accessible canine area in the garage, plan to build or purchase a dog kennel. Commercial doghouses made of durable, easy-to-clean materials come in many sizes and styles. If you build a wooden doghouse, lift it off the ground to retard rotting and paint it with nontoxic paint or sealant.

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Make sure the products are not toxic because your dog may love his house enough to eat it. Where you place the doghouse in the yard requires a little thought. Your dog’s house should be in an area that has adequate shade and ventilation for those hot summer months as well as protection from cold winter winds.

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Pic of the Day: Cold temperatures may cause your cat to stop catting properly.

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